Dr. Penny Gordon-Larsen is involved in four main research projects, each addressing different facets of health and well-being. Here are detailed overviews of these initiatives

Obesity Hub

This project leverages a multidisciplinary approach, involving 27 faculty from 16 departments across six schools and five centers and institutes. The primary aim is to understand the heterogeneity in obesity and to develop precision treatments.


Omics, Obesity, and Cardiometabolic Diseases

Dr. Gordon-Larsen and her team are delving into the molecular signals that connect obesity with cardiometabolic diseases, using longitudinal metabolomics data to examine metabolic pathways to cardiometabolic diseases.


Global Research

This project involves an international cohort study that captures enormous variability in health indicators across diverse geographical and economic landscapes. It aims to understand the mechanisms through which major life events and changing environments affect health, development, and human capital.


Neighborhood Research

The Gordon-Larsen Lab has a history of work on social and economic factors that influence diet, activity, and cardiometabolic risk in different neighborhoods. The work aims to identify modifiable factors that can be leveraged for healthy weight and cardiometabolic health.